Robbie’s inspiration stems from the freshest ingredients and a spirit of fun. From farmer’s markets to his backyard garden, every ingredient is an opportunity to create magic. And his approach is far from complex, it’s about keeping things simple, accessible, and delicious. His philosophy? A vibrant, healthy life is about nourishing not just the body, but also the mind and soul.

Having grown up in sunny San Diego, Robbie cherishes his surfing memories. It’s a fitting metaphor for his approach to life and health – riding the waves, adapting to the flow, and embracing every rise and fall with gusto.

To anyone standing on the precipice of change, he offers a reassuring hand. He knows the fears, the doubts, the lingering uncertainty, but he also knows the profound joy of overcoming them. Because embracing health is not just about shedding pounds or eating greens; it’s about gaining a wealth of positivity, unleashing your authentic self, and discovering a world where flavorful and healthy are not rivals but lifelong dance partners.

He is no stranger to the dance of spatulas and the sizzle of a well-seasoned pan. With a 19-year love affair with food, honed at the Culinary Institute of America and in the heart of New York’s bustling food scene, he’s seasoned his skills in some of America’s most exciting kitchens. But his journey didn’t stop at the restaurant door; instead, it took a flavorful detour down the path of health and wellness.

His passion for food was undeniable, but it was a love story that didn’t always serve his health. Robbie found himself facing a crossroads: surrender to a life where food was an adversary, or reinvent his relationship with the plate. Choosing the latter, he stepped into a new arena, one where his love for food and commitment to health didn’t have to duel but could dance in a vibrant, flavorful salsa.

Drawing on his culinary prowess and adding a Certified Health Coach certification to his menu of expertise, Robbie is now whipping up a transformative blend of health and culinary delight. He believes that healthy doesn’t mean bland or monotonous. Instead, it’s a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and flavors, waiting to burst into life in your kitchen.

This unapologetic, vibrant approach to life and food has its roots in his personal journey. As a gay man, Robbie has learned the power of authenticity, of embracing his unique blend of spices, both in life and in the kitchen. This fearless embrace of self has shaped his culinary style – daring, playful, and unafraid to push boundaries.

He gets a kick out of seeing his clients light up with “ah-ha” moments, witnessing their transformation from wary cooks to fearless foodies. His approach is all about making cooking and health easy, enjoyable, and empowering. With his guidance, you’ll discover that your health journey isn’t a steep mountain climb; it’s a culinary adventure, filled with surprising flavors and rewarding milestones.


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