It’s no lie that practicing gratitude helps you be a more positive person and helps you appreciate who and what you have in your life. Gratitude keeps you present and grounded on what you need in your life today, all while keeping you from stressing because stress can’t be present when you appreciate every moment for what it is. I know November is the month that we think about giving thanks more than the rest of the year, but I’ve had a pretty profound year because I’ve started appreciating my life and the lessons that come with it.

Here are 3 ways to practice gratitude every day:

Keep a gratitude journal

I know this seems cliche, but the practice of routinely writing down what you are thankful for helps you put gratitude on your I know this seems cliche, but the practice of routinely writing down what you are thankful for helps you put gratitude on your mind. Plus, I’ve heard that doing this can change the way your brain thinks and makes healthier brain connections so that you practice gratitude more without having to think about it.

Stop yourself from having negative thoughts (this will keep you from aging)

This is a hard one, but worth it! We react to our environment in stressful situations, but when we take a few split seconds to think about our reactions, we act less absurd and more thoughtful. For example, when you’re on the highway, and someone cuts you off, don’t react by trying to get them back or by screaming and flipping them off, but by letting it go. It’s far more dangerous to respond negatively and far more productive to be thankful that you made it out of that situation alive. Anyways, that other person might be going through something you are not, so by letting them go. You win by not having to deal with them anymore. Example number two, when someone has something to criticize you for, stop getting defensive and listen to what they say. It may help you and if it doesn’t serve you in the best way possible, brush it off… it’s the anger and stress that will kill you, plus if you stop reacting negatively, you will stay younger.

Share what you are thankful for with others

Showing gratitude towards others not only acts as a complement to the other person, but it spreads positivity and creates a better environment. For example, thanking someone for their friendship will not only help draw your friend or loved one into a more profound relationship, but it will also help build a habit of showing your gratitude more often simply because you get rewarded with more heartfelt and warm conversations. How cool is that?

This post is to help you make your life easier by practicing gratitude and crowding out stress. My goal is to help as many people as possible live a happier and more productive life by simply showing how they can enjoy it more. If you loved this post, please share it with all your favorites, and if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter below to get more health tips directly to your e-mail every week! Plus, you will get weekly recipes, learn more about my health coaching, and find out when my cooking classes are!

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