Every so often, people ask me how someone can eat healthier. It’s not that this is a hard answer because most people know that if you eat more vegetables and drink more water, you will be healthier than you were before, but the real question that they are asking is what you can change in your life to make it possible to eat healthier? A lot of this has to do with the fact that people get so busy that they forget to stock up on food to make for themselves at home, or they ran out of time before they got too hungry and had to stop for dinner on the way home, which used to happen to me often. But I’ve found some of the best ways to keep yourself on track so that you can finally eat for your health:

Always Keep a Healthy snack on hand

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where you can find healthy foods in common places like gas stations and convenience stores. Still, these healthy snacks can often be expensive, and once you’re in a place like 7-11, there are also temptations to grab a hot dog, pizza, or even a delicious bag of potato chips. To avoid this, keep a healthy snack bar with you. I enjoy Epic Bars, made of organic meats, or even Macro bars, both of which are full of great ingredients and can hold you over until you get home.

Freeze Your Proteins and Vegetables for the Entire Month

Buying in bulk and freezing is the best way to always have enough food on hand. Vegetables can be cooked in the pan with a lid and don’t have to be defrosted, while for meats, you can defrost under running water (the quickest way) or in your fridge over a day or two (takes longer, but is the safest way). I love this way because we always have something ready to cook when we get home. I also like to make sure that you can easily & quickly defrost at least one protein I have on hand if my boyfriend or I forget to defrost something.

Make Freezer Meals

If time gets too tight, I will occasionally make freezer meals of protein, carb, and vegetables, so that way I can stick it in the microwave and have a fresh, delicious meal that I made and know is healthy for me because I made it myself. A lot of times, it’s brown rice with butter or sautéed potato, chopped chicken thighs, and some zucchini or a stir-fry mix (squash with kale is my favorite).

Put Your Prep in a Mason Jar

If you’re food prepping for the next 3 days lunches, using a mason jar is perfect for meals on the go! Just put the sauce on the bottom of the jar and the fresh ingredients on the top. You will never have to use a lunch box ever again! You can do anything from overnight oats to a quinoa salad to a zoodle salad. If you decide to microwave it though, make sure to remove the lid.

Food Prep on Your Day Off

Don’t overwhelm yourself by having to cook because you have to. Cooking can be a lot of fun and relaxing on the weekend if you think that way. Cooking is like going to the gym. Once you’re in the kitchen and cooking, you might not want to stop.

Don’t Do It Alone

Find someone who wants to be healthy with you, accountability and having fun is key. If you can’t find someone who wants to and you’re having trouble getting motivated, finding a coach like me can make health a life changer/saver! Remember that having accountability and the know-how can be fun and make this so much easier, so don’t miss out on starting your health journey!

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