Everyone always talks about how hard it is to diet because they can’t eat what they want. While that is mostly true, finding healthy alternatives has become easier to find thanks to the internet and some clever folks, or you can learn how to cook with herbs, spices, and different cooking techniques to help make your dishes shine and satisfy you. Below are some examples to get you started:

Use different healthy fats for different things

If you are cooking something sweeter, use coconut oil and cut down on the sweetness in the dish. Coconut oil has a naturally sweet flavor. If it’s raw and unfiltered coconut oil, you get the added benefits of high antioxidants and promote higher micro & macronutrient absorption in the body.

If you are sautéing with oil, instead of using vegetable oil, use olive oil or avocado oil, which is much healthier and has a high smoking point. Plus, vegetable oils tend to smell and have a distinct taste that isn’t pleasant. So why would we use something that doesn’t add anything good to our meals?

For oils in your dressing, I prefer to use half extra-virgin olive oil and half avocado oil for extra pepperiness. Plus, these oils are better for your heart health.

Play with herbs & spices

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! Herbs and spices literally spice up your dishes to add more flare. Some combinations that I like to use are

Cilantro, cumin, chili powder, and fennel seed (for vegetables, pork, and poultry)

Basil and red chili flakes (Anything Italian)

Cayenne and nutmeg (Any creamy dishes)

Thyme and garlic (especially on white fish)

To explore further, visit your local spice shop for creative blends to take your food from boring to bangin’. However, if you live in Rochester, NY, visit Stuart’s Spices on Clinton Ave for the best and freshest spices in town.

Use different cooking techniques

There are so many cooking techniques, and so many of them are easier than you think. Commonly, people use a slow cooker to braise their meals, but what might be easier? I like to roast whole meals on a sheet pan. To make this even better tasting, I like to sear my proteins beforehand in a cast-iron pan.

You can also try using a pressure cooker to make quick carnitas is about 45 minutes or so. this is a very efficient way to braise your meals. You can even make delicious collard greens in a half hour.

Grilling is great in the summer. Try cooking sweet corn in its husk next to a steak.

No matter what, diets are tough and when you feel like it’s more of a burden to start being healthier, know that there are more options for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, I can help you! To find out more, schedule a free discovery call HERE to find out how I can help you start eating right once and for all!

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