Waking up early sounds miserable. I know because I used to be that person, but I have found that it has improved my life dramatically. As a busy person, waking up early meant I had more time for me by feeding myself breakfast, drinking a hot cup of coffee without it getting cold, I can journal without distraction, and I sleep BETTER! I can enjoy all of this within about an hour or so of everyone else waking up, I’m not saying that you have to join THE 5 AM CLUB, although you may after a while!

Here are some tips on how you can start:

Find a Sleep Routine

Teaching yourself how to wind down at night and settle in before it’s time to sleep is imperative. My sleep routine includes a mint tea, pulling up the covers, reading, and then turning over on my side to sleep when it’s time. A better sleep routine will help you get to sleep to get more rest and wake up earlier.

Think of Waking Up Early as Self-LOVE (Something that feels good to do)

You don’t have to wake up early. You do it because it feels good and to find more time for self-care. Waking up means that you have more time to eat breakfast, put together a lunch for yourself, and not have to rush out the door. Do you rush out the door and forget to grab your lunch off the counter or make your lunch? If you wake up earlier, you have time to think about it, do it, and because you’re not overwhelmed by needing to rush out the door, you can now remember it too.

Set Alarms

I know this one is obvious, but you need to set more than one alarm to wake up earlier than you usually do. Most people turn off their alarm the first time it goes off, and they roll back over, but the second alarm will start to wake you up enough to get up. After a while, I found that I don’t even need alarms anymore to wake up.

Unblock Your Windows From the Outside

I like to rise with the sun, which also can sync with your circadian rhythm. Waking up with the sun is a great way to connect more with the Earth, cheesy as it sounds, but it can help you wake up at times you want to, instead of right before you need to wake up and go.

Eat Whole Foods and the Rainbow

The better you eat, the better you will be able to sleep, which will also allow you to wake up earlier.

I hope this helps! I am big into making more time, as I have always felt too busy to take care of my needs and wants. Waking up earlier is just one way that can improve your day!

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