Eating well is eating with intention of feeling, having fun in the kitchen, trying different whole foods, and just enjoying what tastes good. Often, people find themselves eating out of convenience, eating fast, finding that the food does not have much flavor, and consistently overeating.

  1. Make cooking fun, don’t cook the same things over and over again.

If you don’t know how to cook, teach yourself. Cook with family and friends or choose a new recipe that sounds good to you and cook it. You will find it fun, plus, learning about new recipes opens you up to new flavors and ingredients that will boost you culinary repertoire. You might find a new recipe you can make to keep yourself impressed and others!

2. Make and eat breakfast before you start your day.

Breakfast gives you energy for your day and helps you jumpstart your metabolism to be able to handle more. Plus, there’s nothing worse than starting your day off hungry and having to wait until lunch to eat. Life can be busy, but make time to eat.

3. Make a homemade juice/ smoothie in the AM

Juices add more nutrients to your body, which keeps you more satisfied and keeps you from reaching for convenient/unhealthy snacks.

4. Plan your meals weekly

The more you plan your meals, the more you will stick to a better diet. Home-cooked meals are always preferred because you can control how much of what is in your meals and it tends to be fresher than getting your meals from a restaurant or meal delivery service, plus its typically 1/10th the cost. I have found that my best way to do this is to gather my recipes on Saturday and make my grocery list, then on Sunday I can go shopping and get all my groceries for the week. If you have it all planned out and prepped you will be less likely to stop for a quick meal at your local fast-food joint.

5. Do your shopping at the farmers market or join a CSA

Grocery shopping at the farmer’s market or getting your produce from a CSA share is the best way to assure that your produce is fresh and at peak nutritional value. It’s also the best way to assure that you are getting fresh seasonal produce, plus farmers markets and CSAs are fun. At the farmers market there is usually live music, local vendors to shop, and community events going on! CSAs are great because I’ve been known to use them as a mystery ingredient box to come up with new recipes. Also, freeze fresh produce for fresh veggies all year long.

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