Masculinity is a label that gets a man in trouble or on the other hand it can help someone become more of a gentleman, either way, it’s a label. I wanted to write a blog about masculinity in its purest form and help redefine masculinity because being a man comes with all its stigmas and BS so that we can be everyone elses version of a masculine man.

I work in restaurants and see every type of man there is. There is no doubt in my mind, that each man that walks through the door of the restaurant is trying to be what they think a man is. I won’t talk about their specific situations, since that can get me in trouble and if any of those people were to read this blog, they could take it out of context. Although, I will use these situations as examples of real masculinity.

Everyday, I run into a version of a man that I like. Based on that, I will come up with situations on how to act, what made that person more genuinly masculine, and also add in some fun parts with life style tips, fashion maybe (ideas to come, but I’m not your best dressed), some boldness, and inspiration.

I really hope to explore this topic in full, as there is no end to what makes a man. I hope you come away with a more genuine meaning that a man shouldn’t need to be masculine, in the sense of a being a machismo or rough and tough. A man should be a man that’s genuine and living their best life to the best of their ability with joy and happiness, a man that doesn’t need to be someone who he is not.

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